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thing leap down on the path5 apparently right
on to the shoulders of his unsuspecting comrade.

Summoning all the speed that he could risk
along the path of the steep wall. Wandering Wolf
hastened to the "switch-back" where the two paths
joined, and on to the point where he had last seen
Striped Dog. When he reached there Striped Dog
was squatted In the path3 skinning a mountain--

The lion had jumped down about six feet in
front of him, thinking no doubt that he was a
goat; and on discovering Its mistake was too sur-
prised to move. While it crouched there in front
of him Striped Dog had raised his gun and pierced
Its heart. The lion, a big male., measured nearly
ten feet from the nose to the tip of the tail.

While our mothers were curing the pelts of the
few mountain-lions that our braves had been able
to kill, a big squall came down from the glacier
ahead of us and swept through our camp for
fifteen minutes., tearing down our teepees as if they
had been made of paper. Trees fell like matches.
Two of our teepees caught fire3 painfully burning
three of our women before they could get out
from under them* The poles of our corral were
blown oF5 and our horses stampeded and went
careering down the valley in wild confusion. We
children were blown about like bits of wood. We
would no more than scramble to our feet before